Samsung UV Sanitizer With Wireless Charging

Tested sanitization

Up to 99% sanitization efficiency

Tested by two independent certification companies, Intertek and SGS, UV-C light kills up to 99% of harmful bacteria such as E.coli, Staphylococcus, and Candida albicans in 10 minutes.

*Areas of the item that are not exposed to the UV light will not be sanitized. Level of sanitization may vary by area of the item depending on various factors such as UV exposure time, length of UV light to reach surface of item, and others. Sanitization level at the bottom surface of an item is lower than other areas. For effective sanitization, it is recommended to sanitize one side and then flip over and sanitize the other side.
**SGS-CSTC Standard Technical Services Co., Ltd. Guangshou Branch. Test Report No. GZES2005017496. May 26, 2020.
***Intertek GM testing Service Zhuhai Co. Ltd. Test Report No. ZHOJ20019213005. June 24, 2020.

Support wireless charging

UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging utilizes Qi wireless technology to fast-charge your smartphone.Compatible with the latest iOS and Android devices that support wireless charging.To ensure safety, your phone is sanitized only when the lid is closed.

  • Sanitizes your devices with UV-C light
  • Simple but stylish design
  • 10W Charging