About Us

Since 2000, OmegaCell Communications has been Canada's premier online boutique for Brand New unlocked Mobile phones, accessories, service plans and prepaid service to meet your needs. At OmegaCell we believe that everyone should have the choice of freedom whether its being free from contracts or the ability to use your phone anywhere in the world.

We sell global unlocked phones that allows you to use it with almost any carrier in the world. Gone are the days of having a phone with undeletable carrier loaded bloatware and contract cancellation fees. Most of the phones we sell also have the ability to carry two sim cards which allow you to carry two phone numbers at the same time in one phone.

In 2004 OmegaCell Communications opened a store in Edmonton, Alberta. Our staff is always to happy to assist with any product questions you may have. In store we have live demo models of all of the phones we carry, which allow you to try out the phone so you can see if has the features you are looking for.