All Brand New unlocked Handsets and OEM Accessories come with a 30 calendar day warranty from Omegacell. This warranty applies to product manufacturer defects and failures only. All warranty claims placed 30 calendar days after the receipt date will be redirected to the product manufacturer, and will be subject to manufacturer's warranties and return policies.

Please note that in most cases the manufacturer will NOT service imported phones!

*Under no circumstances will liquid or physical damage be covered by any warranty option*

1 year replacement warranty option

At an additional cost, the option to extend the 30 day store coverage to a period of one year is offered.

This warranty is offered by OmegaCell Communications Inc. only and is not endorsed or guaranteed by the manufacturer of the products or any other third party. This warranty extends the 30 day coverage offered on all handsets or tablets to a period of 1 year.

Who is covered?

The original owner of the cell phone is covered. This warranty is non-transferable.

What property is covered?

The extended warranty covers the original cell phone and the original accessories and parts of the package. The warranty does not cover any 3rd party accessories and the warranty is voided if the phone has been modified with 3rd party accessories, software, or parts.

What property is not covered

The warranty covers all defects and product failures from any cause or reason except where the product have come into contact with liquid or where the product has been physically damaged or abused.

The warranty is voided if any liquid damage whatsoever is apparent on the phone or if there is any physical damage or abuse to the device.  

Limit of liability

OmegaCell Communications’ liability shall not exceed the cost to replace the item shown on the original receipt. This means that if the product is no longer offered, the cost to replace that item will be offered. This cost will be estimated as the last price the item was offered for sale, not the amount paid on the invoice.


The coverage offered under this warranty is valid for a period of one year from the original purchase date. The 1 year warranty ceases once the unit is replaced and a thirty (30) day warranty applied to your replacement unit. An option to purchase the warranty for another 1 year term is then offered. This warranty must be purchased at the time that the covered products are purchased. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to deliver the defective item to OmegaCell. If the item must be shipped, OmegaCell will pay the return shipping only.