Clear Coat Scratch Protection

Clear Coat


*Please read before purchasing*

What is Clear Coat Scratch Protection?

Clear Coat protection is an ultra tough thin-film technology that protects your device without adding bulk or effecting screen sensitivity. Our crystal clear film protects your device from scratches, yet it's so thin you'll hardly notice it's there! Ditch the bulky case and use your phone, tablet, or laptop the way it was meant to be used. Omegacell also offers custom cuts, and matte clear-coating! Email us to find out more information! 

How to order:

1. Confirm that your device model cut is available at our store by sending us a quick email at During store hours (mon-fri: 11am-6pm, sat:12pm-5pm) we will usually respond within 30 mins.  After hours, we will respond the following business day.

2. AFTER availability confirmation, choose a clear coat type (clear or matte)

3. Include your device model in the "Notes" section at checkout. This is to ensure that we cut the correct coating for your device. 


  • Clear-Coat skins have a special coating to help reduce fingerprints from showing. Use your phone all day long without having to constantly wipe it down. 
  • Clear-Coat adds grip so your phone, laptop, iPad, or other device won't slip out of your hands. Our film won't grip your clothes, so you can take it out of your pocket with ease.
  • If your screen cracks the clear-coat will keep the screen in tact, and will prevent glass fragments from cutting skin!

For more information, please visit the Clear Coat Website